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Managing Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Scale Bank’s Commitment to Tailored Solutions and Market-Leading Support

Community and regional banks play a pivotal role in multi-family housing and industrial properties lending, providing nearly 80% of total loans, according to research from Goldman Sachs. While this is being reported as a source of concern about regional bank stability in some cases, Scale Bank is proud to continue to offer comprehensive and competitive solutions to the real estate sector. While volatility in the office space portion of the industry has made some banks re-evaluate their real estate lending portfolio, Scale Bank’s focus on multi-family housing and industrial properties, alongside our thorough due diligence processes and relationships with property owners, are enabling us to stay committed to commercial real estate lending.

With many banks tightening their lending policies due to current commitments and deposit ratios, Scale Bank stands as an exception by continuing to actively finance commercial real estate. For property owners seeking competitive loans or refinance for multifamily and industrial properties, Scale Bank can become a trusted partner – even in a dynamic market with higher interest rates.

We know that local owners of multi-family housing properties and portfolios have different needs than national or even regional investors. For example, local investors typically have a limited number of financial resources compared to larger counterparts, making it challenging to compete in the market. That’s why at Scale Bank, we work to provide access to flexible financing options with reasonable capital requirements and competitive interest rates. These flexible loan structures are important for property owners (omitted language) to weather unforeseen risks and economic downturns.

We understand the volatility of the commercial real estate market and work with property owners and investors to anticipate fluctuations and design lending structures that can withstand a range of market conditions. With our focus on lending to owners of Minnesota metro and surrounding suburb properties, we are particularly attuned to local market trends, which can give us more options when it comes to financing.

Understanding the current rate environment and its impact on cash flow, Scale Bank takes a proactive approach to find financing solutions that make sense for borrowers. Navigating the complexities of loan repricing, maturity, or property acquisition requires a reliable and knowledgeable partner. Our lending capacity and extensive experience position us to guide you through the nuances of the current market conditions and build a mutually beneficial relationship that will last for years to come. Trust Scale Bank to provide not just loans but a collaborative journey towards success in your commercial real estate ventures. If you have an upcoming rate adjustment or loan maturity or are looking to acquire a property, Scale Bank is here to help you navigate and thrive in the evolving real estate market.

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