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Mortgage industry experts discuss current market downturn.

In a sea of challenges, Susan Johnson, SVP of Mortgage Warehouse Funding at Scale Bank, and Steve Brown, CEO of Summit Mortgage, sit down to discuss the turbulent waters of the mortgage industry. They dive into the familiar waves of rate increases and inventory shortages and explore new obstacles like banking stress and rising buybacks.

The conversation touches on the impact of homeowners’ insurance and the looming threat of data breaches in the cybersecurity realm. Amidst the storm, the discussion shifts to navigating through these choppy waters.

The key to survival? Lean on stable relationships with critical partners, adapt your business model, and focus on efficiency. In times of lower volume, reassess processes, cut losses, and control what you can. Knowing your strengths and maintaining a stable team is crucial.

As the conversation shifts towards preparing for calmer waters, the advice centers around reducing overhead, staying operationally prepared, and seizing potential opportunities. Automation and efficiency become key tools for taking advantage of market shifts.

Summit Mortgage and Scale Bank share a testimonial of their longstanding partnership, highlighting their journey through various market cycles, from the financial crisis to the pandemic boom. They emphasize the importance of stable relationships in weathering the storms of the industry.

Overall, the message is clear: a reliable partner that stands the test of time is essential for navigating the unpredictable seas of the mortgage market.

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In challenging times at sea, count on us as your reliable ally, dedicated to guiding you through the industry’s ups and downs. With over 35 years of experience, we stand by our partners through thick and thin. Our seasoned professionals are easily reachable, well-versed, and provide exceptional service and communication. Crucially, they hold the power to make decisive calls, guaranteeing you timely funding without fail.

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