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Introducing Scale Bank

Fidelity Bank is now Scale Bank. We have a new name, but the same commitment to next level customer service and business success.

A note about the rebrand.

This isn’t just a rebrand, it’s a re-dedication to bringing our customers next-level service.

Welcome to the new era of banking with Scale Bank, formerly Fidelity Bank. Our motto, “Do More,” encapsulates our mission: to elevate your journey to the next level of success. In this digital age, we’re committed to infusing banking with the empathy it deserves.

At Scale Bank, we’re your partners on this journey, where open communication, trust, and curiosity drive success. We believe in the power of personal relationships, where your triumphs are celebrated as our own.

In a world of constant change and evolving technology, our honesty, transparency, and desire to “Do More” take center stage. Our business experts deeply understand your industry, providing unique insights, and speed to seize opportunities. Trust us to provide the solutions you need to seize the moment and grow your business.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. Let’s continue to “Do More” and reach new horizons together.

Warm regards,

Todd Williams
CEO of Scale Bank

Scale Bank FAQ

What is changing?

Our name will become Scale Bank, and our logo and websites will change to reflect the new name. Our address, phone numbers, and staff have not changed. Everything else will remain the same, though we are always looking to do more to help your business succeed.

Why did the Bank change its name?

We want our name to reflect our core mission and to remind our clients and employees of our continual focus on the success and growth of the businesses we serve. We also want to set ourselves apart from others using the “Fidelity” name.

Was the Bank sold?

No. Our ownership, management and staff remain the same, dedicated to providing next-level banking services as we have for 53 years.

Are there other changes?

We are refreshing our brand with a new website, providing a better user experience. Be sure to check out to see all we have to offer. The look of our online services will also be updated.

Wait, what was that URL?

It’s, and our emails will also come from that URL. Our old web address and emails will be redirected to the new ones for a while. We’ve changed to the “.bank” URL because it’s more secure. Only verified banks can get a “.bank” address, making it harder to phish or spoof emails.

What about the online banking URL and app?

Our online banking URLs will not change. If you have bookmarked to access the online banking login you will need to update your bookmark to You will be prompted to update the Bank’s app after September 19 to get the new brand on the app, but it will work the same.

Will my account number change?

No. Your account number will stay the same, as will the Bank’s routing number and Tax ID number.

Can I still use my Fidelity Bank checks?

Yes. You do not need to re-order new checks. If you have custom checks, please change any reference to Fidelity Bank on the face of your checks to Scale Bank at your next reorder. Again, your account number and the routing number will not change.

Do I need to amend any paperwork?

No. Any agreements and documents with the Fidelity name remain valid and in effect. There is no need for amendments of paperwork.

Do I need new cards?

Don’t worry, your ATM, debit and credit cards will continue to work. Customers will receive new cards reflecting our new look over the next several months.

Will I receive a new endorsement stamp?

Business customers with an endorsement stamp will receive a new one. If you do not receive a new endorsement stamp by October, please contact us.

That seems easy for me, but what if I want to talk to someone at the Bank about it?

Our contact information isn’t changing. We will have the same phone numbers and location. If you have any questions, give us a call at (952) 831-6600. We are happy to do more!

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Working Capital Lines of Credit, Equipment Finance Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, SBA Loans, and Business Transition Loans. The line-up is as varied as your business needs.

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